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Technological development and customer centricity: these are the values which, since 2001, have driven the work and commitment of the electrical cable supplier Elettrotek Kabel and Ek Group.
This strategy, which places quality at center stage, has enabled us to operate across all continents, becoming one of the leading global players in the design, production and supply of customized special electrical cables for the following sectors: Automation, Security, Port & Cranes, Mining & Tunneling, Oil & Gas, Metal Industry, Marine and Offshore.
Elettrotek Kabel offers customers real added value thanks to its many strengths:

  • Established experience in high-tech sectors.
  • Technical consultancy on customer projects.
  • Significant investments in R&D, with the use of cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials.
  • Cable customization according to customer requests.
  • Considerable flexibility, to quickly meet small and large supply requests.
  • International certification and type-approval.

Expert commercial and technical personnel

We provide continuous and advanced technical, commercial and regulatory staff training, so that we can effectively deal with any type of project: from simple requests to more challenging projects.

Daily Business and Business Unit Divisions

In order to have maximum flexibility and to manage each job efficiently, Elettrotek Kabel has created two working divisions. Daily Business deals with standard, everyday requests, while the Business Units focus on individual projects and requests for special cables.

Design of customized solutions

The Research & Development division is continuously designing innovative special cables and connectors and offering the best solutions for customization requests.

Global presence for a local service

Elettrotek Kabel operates across all continents thanks to its network of distribution centers organized on a national level. This allows us to operate on a global level with the responsiveness and speed of a local player.

Quality guaranteed

Product Certifications, Test Reports, Certificates of Conformity and Warranties; with Elettrotek Kabel, quality is guaranteed.

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Technological innovation, and much more besides.
Constant investments in equipment and production technologies allow EK Group to work with multiple types of materials in its facilities.

SDB Special Cables, active for over 30 years with the production site in Brendola (VI), Italy, operates with flexibility and efficiency in the production of VFD, LV, instrumentation, and control cables.
The recent expansion of the plant allows SDB to produce different cable configurations for both fixed and mobile installations, working with various types of thermoplastic compounds.

CCI Control Cavi Industria, founded in 1981 with the production site in Ferentino (FR), Italy, it produces both LV and MV electric cables up to 45kV.
Specialized in the Marine, Offshore, and Oil & Gas sectors, with significant experience in special solutions for flexible and fire-resistant Firebar products, it works with thermoplastic compounds, silicones, and rubbers.

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